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I am so incredibly glad to see the end of 2015. It had its good points, it really did... but overall, I'm going to remember it as the year I spent being sick and unable to think my way out of a wet paper bag. I mean, I'm grateful we eventually figured out the problem (a sinus infection that we now think I first picked up *LAST DECEMBER*), finally managed to get rid of it (despite the horrible side effects of the methods we used... nearly a month of heavy duty antibiotics and that wretched Prednisone) and I'm also very glad that I found an ENT who much prefers finding non-surgical methods for dealing with things... although if the workarounds don't manage to keep the infection from coming back, surgery is still a looming option (probably could class this as a positive, because it makes me VERY dedicated to using the other methods).

I also managed to beat the Sinus Infection From Hell just in time to be able to take my planned trip down to San Diego to see Star Wars: the Force Awakens with [profile] jawajames and his wife, as well as [profile] brightcupenny, [profile] sirrogue and about 70 other people. Christmas was a blast with my in-laws in Utah, but I could have done without the stomach flu that hit while I was there (I blame my nephews, who had started passing it around before I even got there), but after having been a different kind of sick through most of 2015, the change was almost refreshing!

I'm really looking forward to getting caught up on life. Okay, I decided to cut text this because it's just me whining about how much the year sucked. Really. You probably want to skip it. :-p )

I decided to take a quick look at the goals I set for 2015 and wow, did that ever fall apart. )

So, that's it. Whining over and here's to a much better year ahead!

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It was 12 years ago today that I finally bit the bullet, got an invite code from [profile] reginaspina (because they were still required at the time)and posted a lame first entry. It's changed a lot here over the years, but I still consider it my online home!

Now, onto the good stuff.

2014 Goals: The Followup )

And now... onto my Goals for 2015. )

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