Jan. 2nd, 2016

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Today is my LJ-versary! I first signed up for an account here (after just replying without an account for close to a year) using a code I got from [profile] reginaspina thirteen years ago today! Wow. Time sure does fly!!!

And in other "time flying" news, I totally missed the tenth anniversary of our car accident a few days ago. Well, I didn't miss it entirely... it sort of hit me late that night that I'd almost let it slip completely by without even thinking about it. So much progress in those ten years, with only a few last holdout problems from the injuries I got.

If anyone is interested, here's the amazingly coherent entry I typed up with two fingers on my left hand (pretty much the only parts of my body that didn't hurt in some fashion), very late on the night of the accident... when I was totally doped up on pain meds and absolutely exhausted and probably still just a bit in shock. "Sheriff Guy" still cracks me up, every time I go back and read it. I meant "Deputy" but for the life of me could not recall that word when I was typing things up. I tagged a bunch of the followup posts so they're pretty easy to find, too... although the most interesting ones are probably from just the few days and weeks right afterward (including photos of our totaled car).

It's weird how much that one moment has changed our lives and how much it changed the way our brains work. I still have issues with my shoulders and probably always will... but even more than that, we find ourselves subconsciously including "if I ever break my ribs again" or "if I ever have a broken shoulder again" into how we've set up our house. No joke, when we decided to buy a recliner to put in the reading corner in the master bedroom of the new house, I actually made the comment "And if either of us ever break our ribs again, it'll be a great place to sleep!" And when we were househunting, we really did find ourselves taking into account how usable the places would be if we were ever seriously injured again (and there were a couple of houses that got dropped because of things like not having a walk-in shower somewhere in the house). Hopefully, it's never going to be an issue again... but it really does have an effect on the way you think afterward.

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