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It's everywhere here right now... and if the Seahawks win tomorrow, it's only going to get crazier! Cars are driving around with 12th Man flags and "Go Seahawks" painted on windows, plus it's had a huge impact on fashion. On Friday, I was running errands and really felt like the odd one out, wearing a geek-ish t-shirt (believe me, NOT usually the case here). It does get a bit confusing though... most stores are letting their employees wear Seahawks gear, which means they blend in almost completely with the 2/3rds or more of the customers who are ALSO decked out in Seahawks gear.

This particular car decoration really cracked me up today (with apologies to any Packers fans out there). )

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I know, I know... I'm really spamming my friendslist with posts today. I've just ended up with a lot to say!

The fog finally lifted enough for a few minutes this afternoon (and it really was just a few minutes before it was all completely gloomed over again), so I grabbed the camera to get a good photo for the day.

Really, that's not supposed to be a lake. )
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Spongecake. I think. It's very tasty, but the texture isn't as smooth as a regular cake. I don't think it would work very well with frosting, but suspect it would be fantastic with a glaze of some sort (lemon or pineapple, in particular) or perhaps just with some berries on it or both.

Method to my mixture. )

And here's the finished product. )

Final verdict: I would definitely make this one again!

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Jan. 8th, 2015 12:25 am
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Back around Thanksgiving, [personal profile] rackham and I picked up new phones... and they happened to each come with a Fitbit Flex. I slapped mine on my right wrist (where I usually wear a watch), dithered over which setting to use when it came to handedness and finally settled on "dominant" (since they're both dominant, so it shouldn't matter which hand it's on) and proceeded to go walking everywhere with Rackham, who was getting almost twice the step count I was (even though I have a shorter stride). Having worn pedometers in the past, I knew mine wasn't right. )

So, that was one bit of helpful surprise info... but I also started using the other function on the Fitbit: the sleep tracker. Wow. I probably like that more than I do the step counter! I've found that it generally takes me less than ten minutes to fall asleep after I put it into sleep mode (sometimes as little as five minutes, which completely shocked me). Also, I definitely do my best with about six and a half hours of sleep... and when I'm home, I wake up a lot less than I thought I did.

The other rather cool thing is that I was already using Runtastic on my phone to monitor my walking and hiking, then a month or so ago started using MyFitnessPal to monitor food and overall exercise... and all three (MyFitnessPal, Runtastic and Fitbit) will interface with each other! It makes things so easy to track! I find I'm doing more and enjoying it all a whole lot more, too.

I've also found that it's not terribly difficult to reach 10,000 steps. )

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In yesterday's photo, it was a bit tough to tell that the river was actually running incredibly high... today you'll get to see some fine examples of a river well and truly above flood stage!

After checking the road closures in the area, I figured I had a good chance of making it down to Snoqualmie Falls today. Woodinville-Duvall Rd managed to remain unflooded (after it got flooded a few years ago, I believe they added more culverts to channel the water under the roadway a bit better) and Hwy 203 was open again going south.

First stop was halfway across the valley on Woodinville-Duvall Road. )

I hit the East side of the valley and headed South... stopping over by the roundabout for 124th, the only other nearby route across the valley (the two south of here are also flooded, as is the one north of Woodinville-Duvall, which is why that road is pretty much the only way to get from one side to the other).

Here's a shot looking west toward the bridge )

I finally got down to Snoqualmie Falls and took a bunch of photos... only a few of which turned out very well, because there was a LOT of water in the air being churned up by the falls. It was a bit like standing in a major rainstorm that was hitting you from all directions. So glad I was wearing a waterproof coat... although my hair was drenched when I was done.

Photo and video of Snoqualmie Falls under the cut. )

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I figured I hadn't posted a photo of the Trail in awhile, so it was about time I did! In actuality, I was originally thinking of driving down to Snoqualmie to get a photo of Snoqualmie Falls, but that didn't quite work out. We've been getting record rainfall around here lately and all the rivers are running quite high, meaning the Falls are pretty spectacular right now... I ran into a bit of a snag though, in that most of the roads between here and there were closed due to flooding today! (And I'm really not kidding, I could have gotten there, but only by going around the long way. There were at least three closures along the direct route that I know of.)

So, instead I drove over to the Sammamish River Valley and went for a nice long walk along the trail there. )

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Yesterday ended up being a pretty busy day... to the point where I nearly hit 18,000 steps for the first time since I got the FitBit. I also, apparently, seriously overdid it with my shoulders (this sort of thing is why I added the physical therapy exercises to my goals this year) and woke up this morning more sore than I've been in a long time. I took some ibuprofen and went back to sleep... and, unfortunately, ended up sleeping through church. It looked like it was going to be a lazy, recuperating kind of day. Not a horrible thing, considering [personal profile] rackham starts his new job tomorrow!

Anyway, it was a bit after 11:00 and I'd just woken up the second time, feeling a bit better, although still a somewhat stiff and sore, when it came to our attention that a recently published Geocache *still* hadn't been found (it had popped up the night before and we were sure someone would have gotten it early this morning). It wasn't too far south of us, down in Chinook Bend Natural Area along the Snoqualmie River, so we swapped our pajamas for something warmer and headed on down. It was a bit of a muddy tromp out to the cache, but relatively easy to find... and, despite the rain, was rather beautiful out there today. It also turned out to be a good thing to get out and get moving... the shoulder is still sore, but a lot less stiff than it had been.

The local beavers have been busy! )

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Gig Harbor

Jan. 3rd, 2015 10:50 pm
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We tried getting up early this morning and were only moderately successful... but we did manage to get out the door by 8:30, which means we made it down to start doing the Gig Harbor Cache Machine by about 10:00. For those not in the know, for a Cache Machine, basically someone spends a good bit of time selecting Geocaches in a particular area (in this case, the town of Gig Harbor, WA) and setting up a route to take you around to all of them in the least amount of time. Today's route had around 90 caches, of which we found 35, I think (we got a very late start compared to most people and actually stopped for lunch). There was a fair bit of hiking involved in today's adventure (I believe I'm up to nearly 17,000 steps) and we got to see a lot of cool things. In fact, I debated posting several photos... today's caches took us to some really neat stuff, including a gigantic, incredibly intricate wood carving (done from a huge old stump) and a gorgeous old stained glass window (made in Portland in about 1910).

In the end, though, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge won out. )

Oh! And an addendum to my post on goals yesterday... I forgot one!

8) Design, build and install a Little Free Library in the front yard. I've been wanting to do it since we moved in, so it needs to be done this year!

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Hope everyone had a fun New Year's Eve! We'd been planning on going to over to visit some friends for the festivities last night, but were both still a bit tired from our trip to Utah for Christmas (it wouldn't have been so bad, but our flight home was *late* Monday night... and we didn't actually get home until around 1:00am after a fairly long day). We thought we'd be fine getting there and would have fun, but doubted our ability to drive home afterward without falling asleep. So, we had our very first New Year's Eve at home in the new house, watching the Space Needle go *FOOM* on the big screen in our basement. Pretty cool, actually, even if it was a struggle to stay awake!

I think I'll try to do my roundup of last year's goals tomorrow... as well as talking about my goals for this year. I'm currently trying to decide whether to try the photo a day thing again, since I only made it about halfway through the year last year before dropping out (it was the week or so of no real internet access that did me in... I still kept taking photos, I could just never bring myself to catch up on posting).

So, just in case I decide to go for it, here's a photo of our Christmas tree... since it's likely we'll be taking it down in the next day or two. )

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