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So, no exciting photo today, I'm afraid. While going after a Geocache yesterday, I had to do a bit of bushwacking... and, well, I mean that literally! I ended up running into the ends of some thick, low branches *twice* while trying to get through the underbrush and over some fallen trees (getting stabbed once on each leg, one above and one below the knee). Ow, ow, ow! It hurt yesterday and was actually pretty painful last night when I was trying to sleep, but let me just say I was glad today was so warm (we got up to 60!), because I was able to get away with wearing shorts... I tried jeans, but they kept brushing the bruises and, well, ow!

Geocaching war wounds. )

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I woke up Monday morning to a notification of a cache being published down south of me, in North Bend. It looked like it should be a fairly easy find, but I pretty much assumed someone else would have gotten the FTF (First To Find) before I could manage to get down there... but as the morning progressed, I checked back and it was still unfound. Well, it was getting on toward lunchtime and I had a bit of free time, so I hopped in the car and headed out for North Bend, which is always an incredibly pretty drive and worth doing even without the lure of a possible FTF.

I got to GZ (Ground Zero) and spotted the cache right away, despite it being very cleverly camouflaged (seriously, this is the sort of cache that I never would have found in my first year or so of caching... but I've got enough experience now that it stood out like a beacon). A really nice container that just didn't want to open! It was pouring rain, so I hopped back in my car and worked on trying to open it for a bit longer, finally emailing the cache owner to make sure there wasn't a trick to it that I should be trying to figure out and that it really was just stuck. About this point, I remembered I had a toolkit in the back, got out some pliers that gave me much better leverage and I finally got the lid open! I pulled out the logbook... and it was blank! Sweet! First to find!! I put the cache back where I found it and then walked up the road a little bit to snap this shot of Mount Si in the fog and rain. )

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