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Choosing a photo today was really quite difficult... not sure why, but some days are definitely better than others for finding good things to photograph. So, you're getting two (which still leaves out a couple of other good ones, darn it!).

The first photo is probably not nearly as interesting as the subject line may have led you to believe.

Homemade scaffolding. )

This morning I got a call from [profile] taradaktyl asking if I would be willing to drop by their place and let their dog, Toby, out into the backyard... maybe play fetch with him for a bit and let him get some energy out. So, on my way out to go for my daily hike, I spent a bit of time entertaining a very attentive dog!

Throw it again! Throw it again! )

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Saturday was one of those incredibly productive days, where we got a lot done and were, thankfully, not too exhausted at the end of it all. It makes for a wonderful feeling of accomplishment! [personal profile] rackham painted the ceiling in the living room and over the entryway (something I couldn't really help with, because I still can't do that sort of work above my head), but it looks amazing! I can't believe what a difference some good paint can make and I sort of wish we'd done this years ago.

Even better, he got a coat of primer on one of the very last bits of dark brown wood left in the house. Rolling away that dark brown. )

We also ended up taking two loads of junk to the transfer station. Wow. When I was younger, I don't think it ever would have occurred to me that it would be possible to get that much satisfaction out of getting rid of things. There's a whole lot more room in the garage now, making it easier to maneuver in there so we should be able to get even more stuff sorted and gone.

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