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On Sunday, we ended up heading north a bit for some Open Houses (we're starting to get a bit more serious about this househunting thing) and decided to grab some Geocaches while we were there. While out on a short hike, we discovered that Katniss Everdeen is apparently now making birdhouses. )

On Monday, I headed out once again to Redmond Ridge to find a Geocache... making it my 731st consecutive day of finding at least one Geocache a day (i.e. two years and a leap day). Still can't believe I've managed to go this long and I'm not sure when (or how!) I'm going to stop. Not only is there a lot of momentum behind it, but it's become a firmly ingrained habit. At this point, I'm thinking I'll go until the day when it's just too inconvenient to go on.

Anyway, one of the reasons I love Geocaching is because it takes me to beautiful locations that I might otherwise never have found, such as the one I posted yesterday, and this trail through the woods near Redmond Ridge. )

Today, I had several errands to run in Kirkland and I stopped off at Juanita Beach again to see if I could find that pesky Difficulty 4 Geocache (sadly, no luck), so I thought I'd get a shot of the beach, complete with filtered sunlight. )

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On Friday, I went caching out in the Snoqualmie River Valley again and stopped to snap this photo of the Novelty Hill Bridge. )

On Saturday, I headed back out there, this time with [personal profile] rackham in tow... to take him out to an absolutely beautiful spot I'd found the day before. After a half hour hike/walk along a very muddy trail, we ended up at this incredibly idyllic location. )

And to give you an idea exactly how muddy that hike was... a bonus photo of my shoes. )
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Seriously, one of these days I'm going to stay on top of my photos and actually get them posted they day they're taken.

Monday is a bit dull... just a trip to Trader Joe's, one of my favorite places to go shopping. )

Tuesday, I headed out a bit past Redmond Ridge to find a Geocache... and ended up walking out into the woods to a cache near a bit of random artwork. )

And Wednesday it was back out Redmond Ridge for a nice hike out to another Geocache, that took a bit longer than it should have due to more downed trees. )

And now for something completely unrelated to Geocaching: new wedding rings! )

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On the 18th, I was still in Utah but the Symposium was over, so I headed up north hoping to visit my aunt. I wasn't able to reach her by phone, so I didn't get to see her... and found out later that her phone wasn't working. :-(

But, I did do a bit of Geocaching, including going after my very first "audio cache" (although I didn't manage to get the final, since it was buried under about two feet of snow). A fun twist on a multi-cache. )

On the 19th, I flew home! )

While I was gone, [personal profile] rackham had emptied out our bedroom and even disassembled the bed and then painted the room... but while taking the bed apart, he discovered that part of the platform had broken. After a bit of calling around, it was determined to still be under warranty... and the replacement parts arrived the day after I got home. And apparently, the delivery guy wanted to make sure I didn't miss the boxes. )

On the 21st, my favorite food truck was at Microsoft again, so I headed down there for lunch. Mmmm.... Lumpia... )

The 22nd was incredibly blustery, so I decided to try going after a particularly tough Geocache at Juanita Beach (assuming there would be fewer people around to see me). I searched for a bit, but the wind made it really difficult... freezing cold with water getting sprayed up in my face from the waves. I did snap this photo though of some rather intrepid kite surfers out on the lake. )

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We drove out to Camano Island today for a big Geocaching event: Great Balls of Fire. It's an annual thing, although this is the first year we've been able to go (and was, in fact, the first time we'd ever been out to Camano Island in all the years we've lived in the area... definitely going to be heading out there again!). Next week is the Great Northwest Glass Quest, where people will be scouring the island looking for "clueballs" hidden at a variety of local businesses and community sites. If you find a Clueball, you're supposed to then take it to the location listed inside it to get an authentic limited edition Glass Treasure. This was sort of the kick-off event for it... to bring people out to the island and make them aware of the upcoming event (since it really is right up our alley as Geocachers).

Retrieving the cache floating on Puget Sound )

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I didn't mean to make this two days in a row of Geocaching photos (and this is my last photo today... I promise! I'm finally caught up), but I ended up not feeling well partway through the day and have only the photos I took at the Washington State Geocachers Association holiday party this afternoon to choose from.

Partying with Geocachers )

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