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One of the hardest things about dropping cow's milk from my diet has been the lack of pizza. We did finally realize we could order Papa Murphy's and have the pizzas made with half no cheese... and then I'd add my own goat milk or sheep milk cheese before we baked it. Then, even better, we found a gourmet take-n-bake chain... but until very recently the closest location was on Mercer Island (not exactly a quick trip).

And yeah, I know... I could just make my own, but even with take-n-bake, it doesn't stop me from missing just being able to pick up the phone, order pizza and have it delivered to my doorstep. Plus, I really miss some of my favorite specialty pizzas from a particular local pizza chain. Tonight, I decided to have a go at making it myself.

Fen's version of Pagliacci's Pear Primo )

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So last Friday I made chicken Kelaguen, which left me with a full chicken carcass after I pulled off as much meat as I could. I was actually on the ball and managed to get it into a crockpot that night with the usual accompaniments and let it simmer overnight (it ended up being about 18 hours) to make an absolutely incredible chicken stock. I froze half, but with the other half, on Sunday night I whipped up some homemade chicken noodle soup!

Dropping in the noodles. )

I realized this morning that I'd actually posted a photo of my homemade egg noodles the last time I did a Photo-a-Day challenge (it was one of my photos in October of 2009, but that was a photo of them after they'd been cut and while they were "curing," so I figure I'm still good!

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