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Almost done...

March 15th: Dairy-Free Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies )

March 16th: Visiting Cat )

March 17th: Corned Beef )

March 18th: Carnation Cow )

Edited because I realized the cookies weren't actually vegan, just dairy free.

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You know, I'm tempted to just start posting these weekly, since I seem to be averaging about that anyway... but I figure with the way my brain works that would only end up with me posting them monthly!

March 6th: Camouflage Kitty )

March 7th: Donating Blood (not for the squeamish) )

March 8th: Great Big Sea! )

March 9th: Snoqualmie Valley Trail )

March 10th: Tree Roots )

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On Saturday, [personal profile] rackham and I headed out to Tolt-McDonald Park to find one of the Geocaches on King County's Conservation Futures Geotour (if you follow the link, you can see the Geocoin that Rackham designed for King County as a prize for people who finish the Geotour). It was an easy find, so we explored the park for a bit... grabbing a couple more Geocaches and a few Munzees.

Before we headed home, I snapped a photo of the bridge over the Tolt River. )

And for Sunday's photo, I got one of ZoĆ«, curled up and sleeping. )

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Whoa... major catch-up time. I'm afraid I ended up getting in waaaay too late every night while I was in Utah for the SF&F Symposium (there was filksinging every night) and never got around to posting anything and then, of course, I was behind and it seemed a bit daunting to get caught up!

Wednesday the 13th I flew down to Utah for Life, the Universe and Everything 31 (a number guaranteed to make me feel old, since I ran LTUE 9 when I was in college) and got to visit with my in-laws for the week! This time, I stayed in Rackham's old bedroom! )

The next day, I was really happy to see there didn't seem to be an inversion going in the valley, meaning everything was really quite clear (and I wouldn't have to worry about too much pollution). I took this photo from the front porch of [personal profile] tomte's mom's house looking out across the valley. )

On Friday the 15th, I met up with my mother-in-law and one of my sisters-in-law (the one who dared me into asking her brother out in the first place) for lunch at the Museum of Art at BYU. )

On Saturday, I snapped another shot while on my way to the last day of the Symposium, showing off the beautiful clear blue skies... this time with the Wasatch Mountain Range in the distance. )

On Sunday, we had a big family dinner for everyone who was in town to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday! Since she'd requested German Chocolate Cake, I was asked to come up with a dessert for those of us whose allergies wouldn't let us eat any... and I ended up having to figure out what we could throw together with what we happened to have on hand (because I'd spent so much time at the Symposium, Sunday had sort of sneaked up on me), keeping in mind it couldn't have peanuts, tree nuts, milk, corn byproducts or strawberries.

So I made faux peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. )
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We finally finished painting the living room and yesterday started moving the furniture out of the huge pile in the middle of the room (where we'd had it all under plastic). We're still not sure where we're going to put the bookcases for staging, so [personal profile] rackham stacked them on their sides, just to keep them out of the way. Of course, this created a horizontal surface... meaning it was quickly covered by odds and ends, including the basket where we'd been keeping the cat toys.

Tossing things on the floor, just because. )

For lunch today, I drove down to Redmond to meet up with [personal profile] rackham and [profile] mekle... I needed to pick up a new mouse for my Surface at the company store and Rackham and I had some baby presents to hand off for Mekle and [personal profile] textualdeviance that we thought they could use sooner rather than later. We grabbed lunch over at The Commons (which is sort of like a mall for Microsoft Employees with a HUGE food court) and got a pleasant surprise in the form of live music!

Look at those hep-cats... )

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Today I had a bit of time... I'm still having a difficulty doing anything that involves putting pressure on my cut finger, so I figured I'd go on a longer hike to find a Geocache. In the end, I decided to grab my last unfound traditional cache in the Redmond Watershed Preserve (I suspect there may still be a puzzle cache or two with final stages there). Sorry I'm not more wordy. Trying to type without the middle finger of my left hand is almost as much of a pain as typing with it would be right now!

Mirror on a pond. )

On the trail, a bit further into the Preserve. )
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And, of course, I've fallen behind again. I can't even blame the delay for posting Tuesday's photo on slicing open my finger, because that didn't happen until Wednesday! It's not bad and I got the bleeding to stop pretty quickly, but it's in an awkward place and hurt like all get out (and still does when I put pressure on it... so typing has been more than a bit difficult for the last few days).

Anyway... Tuesday's photo. I ended up running down to Grass Lawn Park in Redmond to get a multi-cache and snapped this photo while roaming around the park getting the information I needed to find the final location.

Playing soccer. )

Wednesday's photo isn't terribly exciting, either. I'd been out running around doing errands and realized that it had gotten late and I still hadn't eaten lunch. Since I was already in Woodinville, I stopped by one of my go-to places for a quick meal... TOP Foods, a grocery store with a fairly decent selection of prepared foods.

One of my favorites! )

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Weiss Creek

Feb. 5th, 2013 09:27 pm
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On Monday, I headed out once again to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail for my daily walk and for my daily Geocache hunt, this time grabbing an easy multi-cache along the trail.

Carving channels )

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On Friday, we had a potluck at church and I since I've *really* been wanting to have some Chicken Kelaguen, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity (because I don't know how to make small amounts of it). Chicken Kelaguen is a Guamanian dish and is definitely one of the tastes of my childhood. It's also not exactly the easiest thing to make.

Assembling the ingredients. )

And here's the finished product... )

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As I think I've mentioned here before, I'm a barefooter and have had a sort of hate/hate relationship with shoes for most of my life. I've got some good reasons for this (that are a bit too involved to go into right now), but early last year I tried on my first pair of Vibram FiveFingers and life has never been the same. I now own nine pairs of shoes. At the same time! Well, until winter hit, I only owned seven... the colder, wetter weather pushing me to try a more rugged pair of Vibrams that are fleece-lined and water resistant. And they work, mostly. They're rather tough to put on and I've found they're not very effective in wet snow, but when it's just cold or just wet, they work wonderfully! But, of course, this meant I still really needed something that would do a decent job of keeping my toes from getting frostbit in wet snow.

Enter VivoBarefoot Trail Shoes! )

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I had a nicely productive day... the sort where everything just sort of fell into place and all the various things on my to-do list ended up dovetailing into each other. While running around, I ended up abandoning my plans to hit the gym and instead wandered over to Big Finn Hill Park to hunt for a Geocache and go hiking out on the trails. I haven't been up there for awhile, so it was a pretty big surprise when I got to the parking lot and saw a brand spanking new Lacrosse field! )

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Today's photo isn't terribly exciting and it doesn't even chronicle something that happened today (although that's when it was taken). We've had a pretty much ongoing project to remodel the house for the last eight years or so. It's been going well and we're entering the final stretch, with the last few projects left to do. And, of course, we're now seriously considering putting the house on the market when we're done.

The living room with everything piled in the center. )

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I know, I know... we should have had this Friday night, but it just didn't work out. Our plan was to make it for dinner Sunday, but then I ended up being sick and slept most of the day, so that didn't happen either. But aside from having a bit of a groggy wake-up (groggier than normal anyway) and a bit of a cough, I seem to have kicked the headcold to the curb... so I decided to give it a go for dinner tonight!

As I mentioned last week, I was able to get a haggis from Proper British Bacon, even if it did make me feel like I was some sort of secret agent heading to a clandestine meeting to pick up the secret goods from the back of a van in the bottom level of a parking garage. Now, I've had haggis before and I know I like it... but I've never *cooked* one. Thankfully, I'd made some lamb stock the last time we had lamb bones around, so I had something to use to steam it in. And yeah, while it's cooking it looks as unappetizing as you might imagine.

Haggis fresh out of the pot. )

It is, however, incredibly tasty!! I made neeps (in this case, turnips... although I think next time I might try parsnips, since I understand they're traditional as well) and tatties (aka potatoes), which wasn't anything I hadn't made before under different names. I decided we really needed something green to go with it, so I cooked up some kale in a bit of vegan buttery spread and garlic. And yeah, I cheated a bit and bought some beef gravy from the store, but it worked out really well.

Behold the yumminess of haggis! )

Really, when it comes down to it, it's just another sort of meatloaf... prepared in a slight different way. And so, so good.

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And now for Sunday's photo. A few weeks ago, John Kovalic (the artist behind the online comic Dork Tower) posted to Twitter and Facebook about his love for his SodaStream machine... and mentioned that he was using italian soda syrups with it. Well, I'd been sort of thinking of getting a SodaStream at one point, but had decided not to because all of the syrups that came with it were sweetened with a combination of sugar and sucralose (I absolutely cannot stand the taste of sucralose). So, I replied rather joyfully that I had no idea you could use other syrups and he replied back to me with some more info on how to do it. Yay! We headed out that night to pick one up and discovered that the company is now producing a line of "natural" sodas... sweetened with sugar! Double Yay!

Making water go fizz. )

Looking around at the available flavors, aside from what I could make myself with Torani syrups (and I was pleased to discover that the passionfruit syrup makes a passable substitute for Passiona), I was very happy to see that they had a "natural" Country Time Lemonade!! Which means, of course, that I can now make my most favorite soda of all time at home: Lemon Squash!!! )

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Catching up on photos again... On Saturday we drove up to the town of Snohomish for a Geocaching event. Always lots of fun getting together with other cachers! And we were surprised to realize that we'd really never been to Snohomish before. We grabbed a couple of caches over near the event and then decided to try for some Munzees in the area (in particular, Mystery Munzees, since they can be worth more points). We stopped off at this one and ran into another Geocacher who was going for the cache placed nearby (we grabbed it too), all of us marveling at the bit of engineering we saw at that spot. None of us had ever seen anything like it before.

I guess that's one solution! )

We ended up heading home right after this... I wasn't feeling particularly well and it was becoming obvious that it wasn't just allergies or a change in air pressure. Plus, as you can probably tell from the photo, it was raining like crazy.

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Today started out surprisingly sunny, so I decided to head back out to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail for my daily walk and to find a Geocache. It ended up being pretty good timing, since the clouds started to roll in as I was walking back to my car. I did manage to snap a few good shots while I was out there, though...

A bend in the river. )

And now, a follow-up to Monday's extra photo. Not taken in exactly the same spot as the last one, but very close (in fact, it occurs to me looking at it now that I should have gone down about another tenth of a mile and I would have been at pretty much the right place). It's amazing what a difference some blue skies can make!

Sunny day on the trail. )

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On Thursday afternoon I drove down to the Redmond VFW to help count and sort out items for the box-stuffing that night...

Lots of goodies, all in a row. )

I'm always amazed at how much stuff we're able to cram into those boxes... although that's part of the fun. It's a bit like playing a real life 3-D game of Tetris.

Lately, I haven't been going to the night time box-stuffing meeting... mostly because there are usually a ton of people there and they don't really need the extra hands. This week, though, I decided to go and it was a really good thing. We had only about a quarter the number of people who usually show up. I'm not really sure why, but it meant they could really use every pair of hands they could get. I ended up packed six boxes in total.

Stuffing everything in. )

Like I said, we were *seriously* understaffed this week... But we still managed to do it!

100 Boxes, ready to send to Afghanistan. )

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On Tuesday, I went down to see about pushing a few loads of laundry through only to find that the towels I'd stuck in the dryer still weren't dry... and remembered that when I'd started them earlier, they'd already been sitting in the dryer and I'd wondered then if they'd already gone through one cycle in the dryer. So, by this point they'd gone through at least once, potentially twice and still weren't dry. I started them again and realized that the laundry room was quickly filling with the smell of dryer lint. Not good! In the end, [personal profile] rackham had to pull both the washer and dryer away from the wall to get at the venting for it... and discovered quite a buildup of lint in the "cage" over the vent outside the house. Oops.

Rackham and the big glob of lint. )

Way down south of Seattle, there's a butcher shop called Proper British Bacon... specializing in British meats, along with some other items (British and not). It's a bit of a drive to get there, so I've never gone, but once a month or so, they do deliveries to Microsoft's main campus... and this time I actually got an order in for some things! So on Wednesday, I made my way to Redmond and met up with the folks from Proper British Bacon to pick up a haggis, a pound of proper British bacon and two frozen pork pies.

Buying food from the back of a van in a parking garage. )

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Last weekend, our local VFW had a donation drive at a nearby store, gathering items to send to our troops in Afghanistan... so Monday, we gathered to sort through all the items and separate them out for storage until our next box-stuffing later this week.

Big bags o' stuff )

After helping at the VFW, I drove out to Snoqualmie Valley to grab a Geocache or two and get in my daily walk... so you get a bonus photo taken out along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail (another old railroad bed that's been converted to trail). It was really hard to decide which photo to go with, but I finally settled on this one. As you can see, this was when we were still deep in the gloom of an ever-present fog (thankfully a little bit clearer at this point or you wouldn't have been able to see a thing.

Snoqualmie Valley Trail. )

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