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Just to prove I have a life beyond taking photos... we recently had a major "D'oh!" moment, the sort of thing that makes you feel really stupid for not having thought of it sooner, while at the same time feeling somewhat clever for having finally figured it out.

We have two sets of outlets right next to the counter with the sink in our bathroom and a few weeks ago, [personal profile] rackham went to plug something into the back set and discovered they had no power. We were pretty certain we'd used it since we moved in, but chalked it up to some of the funkiness in this house and decided we'd just have an electrician look at it (we need to get someone out to work on a number of other small things, so we thought we'd just do it then).

A few days ago, I was out running errands and for some reason, my brain started wandering back to the problem of the non-working outlet... and, no pun intended, a lightbulb went off. The master bath has a nice jetted tub in the far corner opposite the wall that holds the aforementioned outlet, but we'd never actually used the jet feature. When we had the house inspected, we discovered that a) there was no access panel to get into the inner workings of the tub and b) it did not appear to be on a GFI circuit (the inspector could find no indication that it was and, lacking an access panel, there was really no way to check without taking apart the tub). After a few nervous baths (seriously, I kept imagining myself getting electrocuted because there was no safeguard), Rackham hit upon the perfect solution and simply turned off the breaker for the power there. It didn't seem to have an effect on anything else, so we figured we were good.

Flash forward a few months and apparently for the first time since we did that, we tried using the back outlet block... and it didn't work. So, yesterday we flipped that breaker back on and guess what? That circuit *is* on a GFI, it's just that the reset for it is across the room in that outlet! This actually also explains why both sets of outlets had GFI reset buttons (where normally they would have both been on the same circuit and only would have needed one reset for both). What's even funnier is that we've sort of run into a similar issue before... in our last house, both bathrooms were on the same circuit with a GFI that happened to have a reset button in one room and not the other (leading us to believe, at first, that one of the bathrooms had no GFI circuit). Still, it's nice to know I can take a bath (and maybe even use the jet feature) and not have to worry about being electrocuted!

Also, I think if we'd tried plugging something into that outlet within a week of turning off that circuit, it would have been pretty obvious... but it really had been months and apparently was not as easy to make the connection!

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I realized it's been a little while since I last posted random photos from the inside of the house... and we've actually managed to finally get some of our artwork up on the walls in the past few months!

Art over the stairs. )

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I have a ton of things I want to catch up on here, but once again, I've sort of let things build up to a point where it almost seems overwhelming to talk about... and if I let it go much longer, it will start seeming a bit silly to talk about because so much time has passed. Gonna have to work on getting better with that.

As for more recent stuff... today we finally had some piano movers come by and move our piano from the hallway in the basement (just off the garage) up to the living room. Yay! I felt really bad for those guys, though, because that sucker is HEAVY. It's a 1909 upright grand and they had to take it up the outside stairs to the main floor. One of the guys actually ended up slipping and seriously scraped up his arm on the stairs (to the point where I really hope he has it looked at, since it was bleeding pretty badly). But the piano is upstairs!

Here, have a photo! )

Now we get to let it sit there, all out of tune but still playable, for a month or so until it acclimates to the living room... then we'll call our piano tuner to have it worked on. I'm so happy to finally have it in the living room, though, and I rather suspect I'll be a LOT more likely to practice.

Numfar has suddenly started noticing things out in front of the house. The other day she was sitting next to me on the arm of my office chair when, out of the blue, she started growling... pretty much exactly like she does when she sees a raccoon or another cat right on the other side of the sliding glass doors. So I started looking around to see what had her in a tizzy and realized that she was growling at our neighbor across the street who was out getting his mail. o_O A little while later, she was sitting in the front window in the living room and started growling again. This time? It was a pair of deer across the street. I have to wonder if she doesn't have good depth perception or something and thinks they're right outside the window. Just a few minutes ago she started growling again because someone had pulled up in front of our house before driving off (they were using our driveway to turn around). Really not sure where this territoriality is coming from. The only thing that's changed is that we put a bird feeder outside one of the windows at the back of the house (which both cats will watch obsessively) and I suppose it's possible that it's made her more aware of the outside in general.

In other news, I've somehow managed to maintain my Geocaching streak to the point where it's getting a bit embarrassing to talk about... as of today, I have found at least one new Geocache a day for 950 consecutive days. I'm pretty much aiming to do 1001 days at this point, since I'm so close... and that will also let me end it before winter really sets in here. Since we moved, we don't have any unfound caches within walking distance of the house and if we get a big snowfall, I'd have to end the streak anyway... so, I may as well pick the day it happens.

We're still one episode behind on Marvel's Angents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Non-spoilery talk about the first two episodes. )

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I just realized I've neglected posting over here about the house (and have instead been posting tidbits and links over on FB). So, we made the offer, they accepted the offer, we had the inspection and found several issues... but really only three that we thought were important enough to ask them to fix: Some drainage issues on the roof, what appeared to be an extension cord powering the septic system, and the septic alarm didn't work when we tried testing it (all of which were issues that were really needed to bring the house up to code).

The scuppers on the roof should have had some sort of mesh on them to keep out debris and instead had a colander. You know, like from the kitchen. o_O Not entirely sure what to make of that. The extension cord thing is kind of strange, because we couldn't quite believe that they'd been powering the septic system that way since 1996... but there was an extension cord that ran next to the second carport and was plugged into a cord that just came out of the ground (pointing in the general direction of the septic). The inspector couldn't figure it out and came to the conclusion that it was powering the septic. The current owners are reasonably certain that's not the case and think it may be left over from when they used to have a water feature on that side of the yard. They're checking into it and will fix it if it really is an issue.

But that's it. We've bought a house and will close on June 19th (which happens to be my birthday). At that point, we're probably going to have the ducts and carpets cleaned... because there have been dogs living in the house and [personal profile] rackham is allergic. But after that, we can start moving in! I'm so excited!!

Now for the fun part... scrambling to get this house ready to sell on a bit of an accelerated timeline. It would be great if we could get someone to close on this house before we close on our new one, just from a financial standpoint... but we're a bit torn, because it would also be MUCH easier to close over there first and then just move straight from here to there. We'll have to see how it goes.

And now... the photos I took of the new house when we were there for the inspection!

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