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May. 19th, 2013 07:35 pm
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So, the house went on the market last Thursday and we had the first open house that night... and then a steady stream of people coming in to look on Friday, with another open house on Saturday and a steady stream of people later in the day... and today was no exception. We did manage about an hour and a half at the house in the early evening, but got out of the way for another wave of potential buyers about an hour ago. Wow. I naively thought that once the cleaning and packing and repairs had been done, that this part of the process at least would be a bit more restful. But even though we spend most of our time just hanging out at friends' houses, it still feels as manic as ever.

Our poor cats are finally starting to get used to being in the car... we bundle them up in their carriers and set their litterbox up in the back (mostly because we want to get it out of the house, too). If we're going to be in one place for any length of time, we'll put the seats down in the back and let them have the run of the car. It's thankfully been cool and overcast most of the time, so heat hasn't been a problem. Poor Numfar seems to be mostly coping okay, but hasn't been eating much and is shedding like crazy, so I know the stress is getting to her. Zoƫ has stopped complaining when we put her in the car now, so I'm guessing she's getting used to it as well. On the plus side, when we eventually drive them over to the new house, at least they won't be super-stressed in the car on the way there.

As of today, we've had over 80 "buying units" (as our realtor called them... basically, groups of people or families or individuals who count as a "unit" when it comes to purchasing the house) go through our house since Thursday evening. We haven't heard whether we've got any offers yet and are supposed to be meeting with our agent tomorrow to go over what there is... really, really hoping for multiple offers. It's recently swung over to being a seller's market again here, simply because the inventory is fairly low. Keeping our fingers crossed that we've got some good ones on the table so we can end this part of the process tomorrow. It's unbelievably tiring!

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