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And I have [livejournal.com profile] elsaf to thank for telling me about in the first place (though, oddly enough, a local friend mentioned it to me about two days later... I guess Freecycle was just in the air).

I've yet to actually pick up anything through Freecycle, but that's not why I joined. Nope, I joined to get rid of all the crap that I'd accumulated over the years... things I don't actually need or even want anymore, but were good enough I didn't want to just throw them away (and for some reason, when I tried filling boxes with such items, to donate to Goodwill or Deseret Industries, the boxes themselves would just wind up getting put away). This way, when I find something, I can list it immediately. I've *always* had responses within an hour, and the stuff has generally been picked up and taken away within a day.

That full bottle of Child & Pet Stain and Odor Remover? Gone. Those extra PUR filters we won't be needing? History. A whole ton of really crappy looking, but relatively sturdy old kitchen cabinets? Loaded on the back of a pickup truck and hauled away along with the old kitchen sink... on their way to create a workshop in someone's garage. Life is good.

As it is, we wound up taking 540 pounds of miscellaneous garbage (the old countertop, the few cabinets that didn't survive the rip out phase, that sort of thing) to the dump today. There's something wonderfully cathartic about tossing the last bit of gross old fake dark brown covered pressboard into the transfer bin. We figure that the couple who picked up the old cabinets probably saved us around $20 or so in fees by taking them off our hands.

I updated the Remodel page yesterday (Page Two is here) and will probably do it again tomorrow with the few minor changes that have happened since then.


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