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I know I haven't updated here in ages... and it's all because of that age-old conundrum of either not having anything to write about because life is so boring or not having time to write about things because so much is going on! In the last month or so, I've been making an effort to at least read my flist and comment when I can, so I don't feel quite as out of the loop as I might have. At some point, I'll have to see if I can touch on at least a few of the highlights from the last several months (because there really were some cool things), but for now, I'm back to tell another Numfar story!

The other day, we had a bumper crop of birds out at our feeders... there were several dark-eyed junkos on the main feeder along with a couple of house sparrows, plus a half dozen Steller's Jays hopping around on the ground below. We've got the feeders on the other side of some large picture windows, just so the cats have something fun to watch (we call it the Cat Entertainment Center). Numfar was sitting on the windowsill and was REALLY excited about the birds. In fact, whenever I'd walk by, she'd hop down and run over to me and try to lead me back to the window so I could watch the birds with her (the few times I did, she got VERY happy and would watch the birds, then head-butt me and purr).

Well, it was getting later in the morning and I really needed to take a shower. As I've mentioned before, Numfar nearly always guards me while I'm in the shower (she's done it pretty much since we first got her... starting in the other house and continuing here). With a few exceptions, she'll usually sit on the counter with her back to the shower so she can watch the door (as long as it's open... if it's closed, she'll sit over by the shower and chatter at me). Well, that day, I'd picked her up and carried her into the bathroom, setting her on the counter where she took up her usual spot. I hopped in the shower, turned on the water and looked over... just in time to see her jump off the counter and leave the room.

About two minutes later, [personal profile] rackham came into the bathroom, laughing. Apparently, the moment I started the shower, Numfar had headed out of the room and hopped up on the bed where she had last left Mr. Mouse. She'd grabbed him, brought him to the doorway and set him up there so that he was facing out and "guarding" the door, and then ran out to the picture window so she could watch the birds again, content in the knowledge that I was well guarded. It always amazes me just a little that she even thinks of doing things like that... but Mr. Mouse has been set out to watch so many things for her over the years and I would absolutely love to know what, exactly, she thinks he is.

I had to get a photo... it was just too funny!

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Date: 2016-12-12 08:37 pm (UTC)
gwyn: (emma crime)
From: [personal profile] gwyn
D'aaawww what a sweetheart.


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