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I've finally decided my best way to get back into posting here is just to dive right in and not dither on about how much I should try to get caught up on what's been happening in my life. At some point, if I end up going back and talking about stuff from the last few months, it'll likely be because current life stuff is way too boring and I'm filling the void with older adventures. :-p

This morning we slept in a little, but [personal profile] rackham reminded me early on that we needed to be out the door a bit after 9:00... so I had a quick breakfast and we headed out toward Blaine, WA (up near the border with Canada). Thankfully, I immediately entered in the address for the place we were going into the GPS, because it popped up with a travel time of about 75 minutes. At which point Rackham realized that it wasn't going to take us three hours to get there like he'd been thinking. *facepalm* So, we got to have a little more leisurely morning at the house before we had to leave for real.

It was a bit odd going up to the Canadian border without actually crossing (technically not true, though... after our appointment, we went up to Peace Arch Park and walked around, which meant we crossed the border several times -- and we still considered going across for a few hours since we had our passports, until we saw that the lines at the border were horrible), but we had an appointment for interviews for our NEXUS cards! The whole process is pretty nicely streamlined... we applied online, got the initial approval emailed to us, set up our interview appointment online and then went up to chat with a US Border Agent followed by a Canadian Border Agent... both of whom mostly just verified our identities, asked why it was we wanted the cards (shorter waits at the border!) and got our fingerprints (yes, for the first time in my life, my fingerprints are in the system somewhere). Oh, and answered any questions we might have about the NEXUS program. Turns out, it's even better than we thought... not only do we get to use the fast lane whenever we drive up to Canada (after the cards arrive in a few weeks), but it also gives us TSA Pre-Check and apparently Global Access (quicker time through customs) at airports! Sweet!!!

If we decide we want to do any flying into or around Canada, we can also run up to Vancouver at some point to get an iris scan done... not entirely sure it would be worth doing, since we're not likely to fly there very often. We have been talking about taking trips to Edmonton, Alberta and to Saskatchewan, but then it's just a matter of waiting to go through customs when we arrive. Amusingly, when we mentioned we were thinking of taking a vacation to Saskatchewan, the Canadian Border Agent gave us this look and said "Why?!?!" After we told him we were fans of Corner Gas, he laughed... but yeah, not exactly a hotbed of tourism. To be honest, I'm sort of thinking it would be worth doing the Edmonton trip, renting a car and driving over to Saskatoon or Regina to spend a few days and then driving back. Not happening this year, though. And next year we're really hoping to plan a trip to Guam... I haven't been back since we moved away when I was ten.

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Date: 2016-07-17 07:01 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] gwyn
Awww, I like Saskatchewan. :-D It's so different from the Pacific Northwest interior, or the west coast, which is where I mostly grew up. Sure, it wouldn't be fun in the dead of winter, but...


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