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I am so incredibly glad to see the end of 2015. It had its good points, it really did... but overall, I'm going to remember it as the year I spent being sick and unable to think my way out of a wet paper bag. I mean, I'm grateful we eventually figured out the problem (a sinus infection that we now think I first picked up *LAST DECEMBER*), finally managed to get rid of it (despite the horrible side effects of the methods we used... nearly a month of heavy duty antibiotics and that wretched Prednisone) and I'm also very glad that I found an ENT who much prefers finding non-surgical methods for dealing with things... although if the workarounds don't manage to keep the infection from coming back, surgery is still a looming option (probably could class this as a positive, because it makes me VERY dedicated to using the other methods).

I also managed to beat the Sinus Infection From Hell just in time to be able to take my planned trip down to San Diego to see Star Wars: the Force Awakens with [profile] jawajames and his wife, as well as [profile] brightcupenny, [profile] sirrogue and about 70 other people. Christmas was a blast with my in-laws in Utah, but I could have done without the stomach flu that hit while I was there (I blame my nephews, who had started passing it around before I even got there), but after having been a different kind of sick through most of 2015, the change was almost refreshing!

I'm really looking forward to getting caught up on life. I feel like so many things have been on hold for this last year... with the constant sinus infection, I got to a point where I really just couldn't handle new things at all. I simply couldn't concentrate enough to keep track of things I didn't already know (in any aspect of my life). I believe I only read one new book, I quit watching new television (so I'm waaaay behind on that, too) and saw only one or two new movies before the infection cleared. I had projects that I'd started that ended up going nowhere because I just couldn't concentrate on anything long enough to pick up new skills. Man, I'm starting to depress myself, just writing about it. But seriously? On the whole, 2015 seems like a big wasted space in my life and it feels a great deal like I'm waking up from a long and fretful nap filled with a long list of missed opportunities.

I decided to take a quick look at the goals I set for 2015 and wow, did that ever fall apart:

1) Continue to do the equivalent of walking 40 minutes, three times a week.

I managed to do this one for a good chunk of the year (and even stepped it up to at least an hour three times a week), but by late summer, I was too exhausted most of the time to be able to manage it anymore. I still tried to go walking regularly, but it tended to mostly be on the few days when my head didn't feel like it was going to explode. I also don't think I've gone hiking since last spring, and it's one of my favorite things to do.

2) Read at least one book from my Teetering Pile every month and post about it on GoodReads.

I already mentioned that I only read one new book last year, so #2 went right out the window.

3) Donate blood four times.

The one thing I managed to accomplish from my list, although it's possible I probably shouldn't have been donating, considering I was actually sick most of the time (I did always feel fine on the days I went in to donate, so I'm really hoping it was okay). It took me way too long to figure out that I wasn't just dealing with a long string of unrelated head colds and sinus infections.

4) Post to Livejournal at least twice a week (should be easy if I do some of my other goals).
5) Prepare at least one new recipe a week from my vast collection of cookbooks and, in particular, from my grandmother's recipe box. And post about it!

These two started out fairly well and fell apart quickly. Might have to try them again.

6) Work on doing my old Physical Therapy shoulder exercises twice a week. I've noticed a definite downhill turn to the strength in my shoulders and think it may be time for a "tune up" by returning to what got them working after the accident in the first place.
7) What the heck, print a copy of this list and let it drift around the house all year, occasionally reminding me that I have goals. (Okay, really, I'm going to attempt the "posting them where I can see them" thing again.)
Edited to add one more goal
8) Design, build and install a Little Free Library in the front yard. I've been wanting to do it since we moved in, so it needs to be done this year!

Okay, you know what? Maybe I should just call do-over on last year and go with that same list. Honestly, it's all stuff I would like to work toward and, off the top of my head, I can't think of anything else to add. Sounds like a plan: For 2016 Goals, See 2015.

So, that's it. Whining over and here's to a much better year ahead!

Crossposted from my Livejournal.
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