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A month or two ago, I started recognizing the signs of an oncoming sinus/ear infection and did the smart thing... I got in to see my doctor (or rather, her substitute, since my doctor was still on maternity leave at the time) and she got me started on an antibiotic and it seemed to do the trick! I went about my merry way until a few weeks ago, when those signs popped up again, so back I went to the my doctor (who had returned from maternity leave by this point) and she decided to approach it as if it were the same infection, since this was only a few weeks after the first visit, and put me on a more aggressive antibiotic. And it seemed to help, for a few days at least. Last Friday and Saturday were fantastic! Probably the best I'd felt in a few weeks (good timing, because there was a big Geocaching event on the coast that weekend and we had a room reserved out there at our favorite getaway on the beach), but by the time we started heading home Sunday, I was getting increasingly miserable. Called my doctor's office again on Monday and had an appointment that afternoon... that was rather tough for me to get to, since I was just exhausted and feeling beyond crappy. This time, I had a fever and a full-blown raging sinus infection... Oh, yeah, and I was in the middle of an asthma attack and probably had been for awhile. I almost never have problems with asthma anymore and it was getting masked enough by other symptoms that it hadn't occurred to me that might be the problem... I was frankly quite relieved that it wasn't bronchitis.

So, now I'm on an even *more* aggressive antibiotic, a double-dose of Mucinex (it never would have occurred to me to do this, if my doctor hadn't told me to do it) and I'm using my inhaler a few times a day. I also ended up writing an email to classic Spike/Buffy fanfic writer Saber Shadowkitten yesterday to thank her... in her story "Humanitis," a newly human Spike gets a cold and is having trouble swallowing pills... and the solution is to put them in jam and swallow that. I swear, it's possibly one of the most useful things I've ever learned from reading any kind of fiction ever. Mucinex is very hard to swallow (it's big, tastes *awful* and is chalky, meaning it sticks to your tongue and throat) and my current antibiotic is horsepill sized. There's absolutely no way I'd be able to take any of it if I hadn't learned that little trick.

My fever broke yesterday (yay!! I was getting sick of feeling like I was freezing all the time, which is what usually happens when I have a fever) and the pain in my ears and sinuses has pretty much gone away, but my sinuses have gotten even more congested for some reason. I called the Pharmacist yesterday and he reiterated his suggestion from the day before to drink a LOT more fluid, telling me that this particular antibiotic can have a side effect of thickening mucus so that it doesn't drain as easily... which is why he recommended seriously increasing fluid intake, to offset it. He also said that I could try Sudafed, since it wouldn't cause any problems with anything else I'm taking.

Today has been a bit weird. I take my meds, use the inhaler and take some Sudafed and I've got about two hours or so where I feel somewhat approaching normal (or at least normal enough to do more than sleep or play solitaire), then the latter two start to wear off and I can't take more for a few hours, so I end up feeling crappy again and sounding like I'm trying to cough up a lung. But I *am* feeling better... when I think back to Monday, the difference is remarkable. I just have to keep reminding myself of that, because I still feel crappy enough that it's easy to think I'm not getting better.

I've been trying to figure out why I've been getting zapped with these infections so much this year and I have a theory: [personal profile] rackham started his new job in downtown Seattle at the first of the year and commutes by bus. I suspect he's picking up these things and bringing them home to me, without ever getting sick himself. Apparently, another friend whose husband works at the same office (and commutes on the same bus) has a really similar sounding cold right now... which just makes me even more sure my theory is right.

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