Mar. 10th, 2016

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We've had a huge windstorm here today and we've managed to not lose power, but a bit ago we had what I'm guessing was a power surge. My desktop lost power and the UPS it's plugged into started beeping like crazy (this is not supposed to happen... the UPS is supposed to level out any surges and also let the desktop keep power for just a bit when the power goes out). My husband's computer, plugged into the same outlet but with his own UPS, hummed along just fine. I reset the UPS and powered up my computer and things seem to be running just fine... but then I noticed in the kitchen that the microwave appears to be dead, too.

Nothing else in the house seems to have been affected (even the alarm clock that resets at the drop of a hat normally). I've checked the breaker box and nothing appears amiss... I'm thinking it's time to dig out the microwave's manual and see if it has its own built in breaker (I know some of the them do) that needs to be reset. It was just the weirdest power surge I've ever seen... and apparently a few other people in the neighborhood had similar things happen. Really hoping the microwave isn't permanently dead.

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