Oct. 19th, 2015

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Looking back over my calendar, I went to see my doctor four times this year for sinus infections (starting in May) and, thankfully, she noticed the pattern before I did. I ended up on increasingly more powerful antibiotics... and each time, the pain in my sinuses and ear would ebb away, but there was always this underlying ickiness that never quite disappeared. After the last time, she told me it was time to bring in the big guns and gave me a referral to an ENT. Well, that appointment was on Friday, and it was rather surprising.

I finished my last round of antibiotics about two weeks before seeing the ENT and, well, I'd actually been feeling okay... in fact, the day of my appointment was probably the best I'd been in ages. I figured I'd get in there, he'd look things over and not be able to find anything wrong. Instead, he listened to what had been going on, took a look in my ears and then up into my sinuses... and said "Yep, you've got a sinus infection right now." O.o Seriously, I was feeling pretty great that day. No fever, like I'd had when I'd gone to see my doctor those four times earlier in the year... and yeah, I was tired a lot and had been having a real problem concentrating and my sinuses maybe hurt a little, but all of those things had been going on for so long, that it seemed almost normal.

The ENT is pretty sure that I've had the same sinus infection since at least May... and decided to take a "nuke it from orbit" approach, so starting Friday, I've been taking some fairly heavy duty antibiotics and Prednisone (and will be for the next two weeks). And Saturday was horrible... the sinus infection was apparently fighting back, because it flared up something fierce and I ended up with pain in my ear and sinuses, having almost no energy and falling asleep really easily (there was a big Geocaching event that morning that we went to and ended up leaving pretty early, because I just couldn't stay awake). But by Saturday night, things started clearing up and, remarkably, I felt like a fog was lifting from my brain. It's been so incredibly hard to *think* over the summer. I'd noticed, but wasn't sure if I just wasn't getting enough sleep or something. Seriously, though, I haven't been able to handle new things at *all*. I've read no new books... I haven't been able to handle watching new TV shows and trying to learn new things has been like bashing my head against a wall. I've found myself making really stupid mistakes and I've also had a huge problem concentrating on doing, well, anything. Stuff ended up getting easily forgotten, without me realizing how much time had slid by. It's been frustrating and maddening and I feel like I've wasted most of a year. And in addition, my energy levels have been sinking steadily. Most of this has been happening over such an extended period of time, that I really didn't notice it until fairly recently.

Sunday though... it was like a heavy fog had lifted from my brain (I keep making jokes about having had a "Brain Cloud"). I can *think* again... and it's made me realize exactly how awful it had gotten and I'm frankly shocked by how bad it had been. I still got tired really easily on Sunday, but I'm hoping today will be better (although waking up at 4:00 in the freakin' morning probably won't help).

I've got a followup appointment with the ENT in three weeks... at which point I'll be getting a CT scan, to make sure there isn't any blockage, since *something* has been making this infection stay around for as long as it has, and the problems have been pretty much restricted to the left side, which is also a bit of a red flag. In the meantime, it sort of feels like I'm waking up after hibernating for six months.

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